Wednesday, March 31, 2010

lab test 8

For this week, we still doing the same thing. But we make few changes here and there. First, we make changes in ulam which is before this after we chop the ulam, we just put the ulam into the bowl but this time we try to pan the ulam that has been chop about 2-3 minutes without oil. Why we do this is because we want to dry the ulam first then we put it into the bowl and mix it with flour and eggs. Before this, we found out that when the chop ulam is wet then the dough is not in good condition and the color is dark and more to green. But, this time when we do this, we found out that the dough is in good condition and the color is more to yellow and we satisfied with this experiment. Second, we try to change the sauce of Pasta Berulam which is we try to add some vegetable such as carrot,red and green capsicum, onion, and chop parsley.

  • ulam raja - 1 punch
  • ulam pegaga - 1 punch
  • ulam semangi - 1 punch
  • daun pudina - 1 punch
  • daun gajus - 1 punch
  • daun kesum - 1 punch

  • virgin oil - 50 ml
  • apple vineger - 50 ml
  • fresh oregano - 30 gm
  • mix salad - 1 packet
  • chicken boneless - 500 gm
  • apple vineger - 30 ml
  • virgin oil - 30 ml
  • salt - to taste

So, after we make changes here and there, we found out that this time our Pasta Berulam is EXCELLENT. Just we have to improve in our sauce and how to present the Pasta Berulam so the Pasta Berulam will look nice and delicious to eat.This is our last experiment before the Event. We hope Miss Nina Marlini will satisfied with our last experiment on Pasta Berulam. We enjoy making this experiments and we hope our Pasta Berulam will be the best product in future:)