Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Final Report








-Assalamualaikum and salutation. Syukuir Alhamdulillah, finally we complete this project just in time eventhough we face various barriers to finish up this project but that is not a problem for us because patience and cooperation blessing all of us. Finally this project has been completed succesfully.

-We wish to say deepest gratitude to our beloved lecturer, Miss Nina Marlini bt. Idris because she gave us many coaching and advice to us. We also wont forget to our parents for giving idea to us to finished up this project. Not forgetting to our friends that helped us a lot to finished up this project. Without them, we wont be able to finished up our project and we are very thankful to them.

-Last but not least, we hope our lecturer Miss Nina Marlini will be satisfied with our work and give us more advice in the future.Thank you so much.



-Pasta Berulam is one of the new product that we have been create together. It is very rare and difference from others. The food that we choose are base on the ingredients and it's healthy food that can be taste by all level of ages.As we know, Pasta is a Western Food and Ulam is like a Vegetable and its known as traditional food.

-In Malaysia most of the people eat spaghetti with their own sauce such as Bolognese but we create something that is extra ordinary with a difference taste that is Pasta Berulam. The pasta itself, we will mix it with the ulam and the color of the pasta will turn into yellow with green spot on it. Ulam has its own taste of falvor. When ulam and the dough has been combine together it can just eat it without any sauce at the top. And we bet everyone will love the taste.


-Base on our food, the ingredient that we choose are all low in cholesterol and it is a healthier way in life. Furthermore the taste of our food is extraordinary. We believed that our food has noot been commercialized yet. This food can be taste by all race, religion and all ages. Our motto is 'once you taste the Pasta Berulam you will never forget the taste' and our mission is 'to make life healthier by balancing vegetable in the food'.


First activity:
-We had a briefing with Miss Nina Marlini and she will guide us for making this product.We have to choose the best Ulam to make the taste of the Pasta is magnificent taste and the pasta is more healthier.

Second activity:
-We have to practice every week making the Pasta Berulam to make this product be and to maintain the taste of the Pasta Berulam. We have been practice about 5 times which is once in a week. And from this activity we can know how to maintain the dough of the pasta in a good condition and how long it can be in a good condition. From this also we can know how to solve the problem comes from making this Pasta and we have been trough a lot of problem in making this product.

Third activity:
-We have to prepare the Pasta Berulam for the I-Food Exhibition Event.

Last activity:
-The event begins and we were participate in this event. We have to introduce our product to the judges and the guest who has coming to this event.




Before the event:
-We prepared the Pasta Berulam on Tuesday ( 13.4.2010) because the event will be held on morning so we don't have enough time for making the product. We took about 4 hours to prepare the Pasta Berulam.

During the event:
- On the 14th April 2010, Wednesday, the big day has finally arrive the day that all of us are looking forward. I-Food Exhibition, is not just an ordinary event but it also a competition between Food Innovation and Design student.

First of all, all students have to be in the kitchen at 7.30am and starts do their preparation for their product and as well as decorate their booth. As we planned before, there are 3 of us, 2 of us will be at the student lounge, to be representative of our group and 1 of us have to be in the kitchen. That morning we are busy preparing our product for the judges and guest. We have to make sure the Pasta Berulam in a good condition and the taste is maintain as usual.

The two of us were responsible to present our product to judges and the guest. Everything going well and under control. One of the judges said that our product is less salt, then we said it was a healthy food so thats why we don't put to much salt on that.

Overall we see that everyone who comes to our table were satisfied with our product. There also have certain guest who ask for the recipe and wants to take aways our product. We are very proud and satisfied with our product.

After the event:
-After the event, we went back to the kitchen and clear up our station and clean up our stuff that been use in the event. Then we had a briefing with Miss Nina for the last time.

-During the event we doest have a problem at all because everything were going well.
Whereby, we had problem in getting the right taste and texture for this product and because of that, we had to do lots of experiment for making this Pasta Berulam. For the first and second experiment, we get the dough is not in a right color as we want because the dough turn into green and this is because of the ulam that have been chopped is wet and we decide to dry the chopped ulam first.
We also had a problem how to keep the dough to make the dough in a good condition in a week. But we get the dough cant be keep in a week because it becomes fluffy and the smell is bad. So, we decided to make the pasta one day before the event.
After we make the dough into pasta we had a problem when the pasta become to dry and easy to broken. So we decide to boil the pasta after we make the dough become pasta. Then we keep it in a chiller to maintain the texture and the taste.


Pasta Berulam is the new product from us. It was easy to make and the ingredient is easy to find. This product is one of the way to live in a healthy way because we only use the best and healthier ingredient to make this Pasta Berulam. This product is not only easy to make but we bet everyone will satisfied with the magnificent taste of this product.


Food that we created doesn't have high cholesterol ingredients. We created this food base on healthy food and all the ingredients we choose have their own taste and when we mix all the ingredients they have their own extra ordinary taste.

We choose this product that we have created because based on our research on humans health in Malaysia, we found that Malaysian people eat a lot of oily stuff such as nasi lemak, masak lemak cili api and so on thats why all the ingredients that we have used very low in cholesterol and we didn't use oil that much to cook.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

yeah,the final begins!


: 8.30 AM

- all the ingredients

- chopped all the ulam

-put the eggs into the bowl

-mix the flour with the egss

-put all the ulam and make it a dough

- use pasta maker to make the pasta

: 9.00 AM

-our group members

-one of the judgers, Maria Tunku Sabri

- all the VVIP include judgers, Maria Tunku Sabri, Chef Adzhar and Chef William and our Dean, Professor DR. Naim.

-Professor Dr. Naim

-Opening ceremony

- The judgers start to judge our new product

- the decoration on our table

-every guest who is come to our table likes our group name which is Cikodok Tempe:))

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

lab test 8

For this week, we still doing the same thing. But we make few changes here and there. First, we make changes in ulam which is before this after we chop the ulam, we just put the ulam into the bowl but this time we try to pan the ulam that has been chop about 2-3 minutes without oil. Why we do this is because we want to dry the ulam first then we put it into the bowl and mix it with flour and eggs. Before this, we found out that when the chop ulam is wet then the dough is not in good condition and the color is dark and more to green. But, this time when we do this, we found out that the dough is in good condition and the color is more to yellow and we satisfied with this experiment. Second, we try to change the sauce of Pasta Berulam which is we try to add some vegetable such as carrot,red and green capsicum, onion, and chop parsley.

  • ulam raja - 1 punch
  • ulam pegaga - 1 punch
  • ulam semangi - 1 punch
  • daun pudina - 1 punch
  • daun gajus - 1 punch
  • daun kesum - 1 punch

  • virgin oil - 50 ml
  • apple vineger - 50 ml
  • fresh oregano - 30 gm
  • mix salad - 1 packet
  • chicken boneless - 500 gm
  • apple vineger - 30 ml
  • virgin oil - 30 ml
  • salt - to taste

So, after we make changes here and there, we found out that this time our Pasta Berulam is EXCELLENT. Just we have to improve in our sauce and how to present the Pasta Berulam so the Pasta Berulam will look nice and delicious to eat.This is our last experiment before the Event. We hope Miss Nina Marlini will satisfied with our last experiment on Pasta Berulam. We enjoy making this experiments and we hope our Pasta Berulam will be the best product in future:)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lab test 7

For this experiment, we are still doing the same thing which is Pasta Berulam. We just do it again to improved our skill in doing Pasta Berulam and to see whether the taste is still the same or not. We also doing experiment on the pasta which is we try to keep the pasta for about 7 days in a room temperature. We keep the pasta inside the Tupperware. The reason is we want to look whether the pasta is still in good situation or not because before this we try to keep it about 7 days but we found out after 3 days the pasta get a yeast affection. This is because, the pasta is wet. So for this time, we try to dry it first.

Pasta dough:
  • flour - 250gm
  • eggs - 5 no. of
  • salt - 2 tablespoon
  • virgin oil - 2 tablespoon

  • ulam raja - 1 punch
  • ulam pegaga - 1 punch
  • ulam semangi - 1 punch
  • daun pudina - 1 punch
  • daun gajus - 1 punch
  • daun kesum - 1 punch

  • virgin oil - 50 ml
  • apple vineger - 50 ml
  • fresh oregano - 30 gm
  • mix salad - 1 packet
  • chicken boneless - 500 gm
  • apple vineger - 30 ml
  • virgin oil - 30 ml
  • salt - to taste

-The ingredients to make the dough.

-We chopped all the ulam.

-We put the eggs in the bowl and mix up the eggs.

-We put the flour in the bowl and mix it with the eggs.

-We put all the ulam that has been chopped into the bowl and mix it.

-We boil the surplus of the ulam.

-We dry the pasta first.

-We separate the dough into 50 gm and dry it again.

-We use pasta maker to make the pasta.

-We put the pasta in the tray and dry it about 3 minutes then we boil it about 5 minutes.

(Chicken Boneless)

-the ingredients for baked the chicken boneless.

So, the conclusion is our Pasta Berulam for this time is a success experiments. We can taste the ulam in the pasta after we mix it up together. As for the base of the sauce we have to change it from apple vinegar to vinegar only. We also have to change the Oregano Sauce with Vinegrate Sauce. We are satisfied with our experiment today. We hope our beloved lecturer Miss Nina Marlini bt. Idrus will satisfied too with our experiment for today. :)