Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lab test 7

For this experiment, we are still doing the same thing which is Pasta Berulam. We just do it again to improved our skill in doing Pasta Berulam and to see whether the taste is still the same or not. We also doing experiment on the pasta which is we try to keep the pasta for about 7 days in a room temperature. We keep the pasta inside the Tupperware. The reason is we want to look whether the pasta is still in good situation or not because before this we try to keep it about 7 days but we found out after 3 days the pasta get a yeast affection. This is because, the pasta is wet. So for this time, we try to dry it first.

Pasta dough:
  • flour - 250gm
  • eggs - 5 no. of
  • salt - 2 tablespoon
  • virgin oil - 2 tablespoon

  • ulam raja - 1 punch
  • ulam pegaga - 1 punch
  • ulam semangi - 1 punch
  • daun pudina - 1 punch
  • daun gajus - 1 punch
  • daun kesum - 1 punch

  • virgin oil - 50 ml
  • apple vineger - 50 ml
  • fresh oregano - 30 gm
  • mix salad - 1 packet
  • chicken boneless - 500 gm
  • apple vineger - 30 ml
  • virgin oil - 30 ml
  • salt - to taste

-The ingredients to make the dough.

-We chopped all the ulam.

-We put the eggs in the bowl and mix up the eggs.

-We put the flour in the bowl and mix it with the eggs.

-We put all the ulam that has been chopped into the bowl and mix it.

-We boil the surplus of the ulam.

-We dry the pasta first.

-We separate the dough into 50 gm and dry it again.

-We use pasta maker to make the pasta.

-We put the pasta in the tray and dry it about 3 minutes then we boil it about 5 minutes.

(Chicken Boneless)

-the ingredients for baked the chicken boneless.

So, the conclusion is our Pasta Berulam for this time is a success experiments. We can taste the ulam in the pasta after we mix it up together. As for the base of the sauce we have to change it from apple vinegar to vinegar only. We also have to change the Oregano Sauce with Vinegrate Sauce. We are satisfied with our experiment today. We hope our beloved lecturer Miss Nina Marlini bt. Idrus will satisfied too with our experiment for today. :)